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Hotel Boutique Castillo Medieval
Who we are

We are a boutique hotel that will transport our guests to a dream era with our comfortable rooms, finely set in the Medieval times and with all of the comforts of the 21st century.

Our staff creates a fundamental role to incentivize and introduce our guests to this Medieval world, with collaborations from the Medieval style of dress, to their high vocation to service, while also focusing on solutions to capitalize on this new experience.



We will be the main gateway to another era in this region, being recognized by the harmony generated in our services, infrastructure and concept. Medieval Castle Boutique Hotel aims to be a unique experience that transports our guests to the wonderful medieval times, where maids, princesses, princes and knights shared reality with fantasy, with a unique contribution to tourism in the beautiful city of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso.


At the Medieval Castle Boutique Hotel, we are constantly looking to develop and perfect our concept, through the constant feedback with our guests, in order to find new ways to create a positive and valued environment.


People: Our Medieval Castle Boutique Hotel has a special concern for its guests, making them feel comfortable in a themed location, set in a residential zone away from noise, while being close to the center of the city, beaches, Viña´s casino, restaurants, and more. Furthermore, we have easy access to the city, saving not only your travel time but also avoiding stress on your trip..

Design and amenities: Relax and stay at this exclusive Vina del Mar hotel, developed in an ancient castle with all of the comforts of the 21st century, and to enjoy the exquisite ambiance of Medieval times that will make you feel like a member of royalty, while forgetting all of your routine activities of the modern world.

Environment: Everything we do is to take care of the environment, both in our services and products, thus constantly promoting an ecological practice both inside and outside of our boutique hotel.

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Hotel Boutique Castillo Medieval

We are the only Boutique Hotel developed in a true castle, set in the medieval era with 15 rooms finely decorated and with all the comforts of the 21st century.

Visit us in San José Poniente #201, Viña del Mar. View Map Here

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