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The Castle of "Recreo"

Construction: The central coastal region known today was born in what had once been two colonial haciendas, which in the late 1800s gave way to the popular resort of Viña del Mar, built by the Chilean high society

It is in the early 1900s, in the then-neighborhood of Vista del Mar (today it is called Agua Santa) when the Portuguese entrepreneur, Manuel Da Costa, acquires land in this area of great residential appeal, and taking advantage of the presence of architects from Europe, decides to build a beautiful castle on top of the area overlooking the sea. He did not seek titles of nobility nor to be enclosed in a fortress, but to fulfill a childhood dream that had incited images of princesses and knights from medieval times.

Manuel Da Costa was a humble man, who made his fortune in the golden age of nitrate on ships carrying "La pocotilla," as it was called, of loads of fruits and vegetables that were sent to the nitrate offices in the desert of northern Chile.

Nearly three decades later, Da Costa fell into financial trouble and had to sell the property to his sister Ana, passing the property through various hands in the following years.


At the beginning of the 21st century, the property was acquired by the Liebner-Martinez family, who, with effort and dedication decided to give life back to the castle, which had suffered several misfortunes throughout its history. With completely blank walls and empty floors, it began with the search for the distinctive elements that would complement the structure, such as; Armor, lamps, tables, chairs, swords and objects that fulfill the mission to transport the individual to past times. At the same time that they generated this arduous search for decorative items related to medieval times, they reinforced the details of the building, terraces, arches, stained glass, paintings, fireplaces, etc. All to provide the necessary security to our guests.

The old property was reincorporated to an adjoining building, where fifteen rooms were built with modern building standards while maintaining the medieval architecture and incorporating it into a thematic whole.

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Hotel Boutique Castillo Medieval

We are the only Boutique Hotel developed in a true castle, set in the medieval era with 15 rooms finely decorated and with all the comforts of the 21st century.

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