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Viña del Mar & Valparaíso
Flower clock

Mythical clock of Swiss origin constructed in the year 1962 above the garden that you can find at the bottom of Cerro Castillo (Castle Hill). It is one of the main points of attraction of the beach city.

Quinta Vergara

The Quinta Vergara is a park in the city of Vina del Mar. In its interior, you will find gardens, along with the Palace Vergara amphitheater where the Vina del Mar International Music Festival takes place annually.

Viña del Mar Casino

The Enjoy Viña del Mar Casino, is a casino just 10 minutes from our Hotel.

Caleta Abarca Beach

Caleta Abarca is a large and old beach of the Chilean aristorcrats that you can find close to several tourist attractions like the characteristic flower clock of the garden city and Cerro Castillo (Castle Hill).

The Valparaiso metro, also named Merval, is the urban metropolitan railway, that crosses much of Valparaiso. It connects the towns of Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Quilpue, Villa Alemana y Limache.

Metro of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso
Valparaiso and its Funiculars

Valparaiso is a Chilean city and commune located in the central coast of mainland Chile. It is the capital of the region and the namesake province. Together with the communes of Viña del Mar, Concon, Quilpué and Villa Alemana,  they make up the metropolitan area of Greater Valparaiso, becoming the historic center that it is known to be today.

Avenue San Martin is one of the main roads of Viña del Mar. The best offers of gastronomy of the city is concentrated here, allowing it to also be center of the nightlife, located just steps from our hotel.

Avenue San Martin and its Restaurants
Shopping in Vina del Mar

Marina Arauco Mall is a shopping center located between 14th Street and Avenue Benidorm, in the city of Vina del Mar, and is currently the main shopping center of the Great Valparaiso, located just a few steps from our hotel

Wine tourism in Casablanca

Beautiful vineyards just 40 minutes from our hotel, where you can sample the charm of Chilean wine and fall in love with its beautiful landscapes.

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